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05083 – W=25mm x H=80mm – Wide Slot Cable Trunking

£4.76 Ex VAT


05083 – W=25mm x H=80mm – Wide Slot Cable Trunking

05083 – W=25mm x H=80mm – Wide Slot Cable Trunking
Qty = 1 x 2 Meter Lengths

W=25mm x H=80mm

Wide Slot Cable Trunking

Colour: Grey.

Weight 10.02 kg



ABB Switchgear Equipment

ABB is a multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. They mainly operate in the power and automation technology areas. The company’s heritage dates back to 1883 before two companies, ASEA and Brown Boveri, merged in 1988. One company was ASEA. Based in Sweden, the company’s initials stood for Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget. They were founded by Ludvig Fredholm in Västerås in 1883. Six years later, with partner Jonas Wenström, they started building three-phase generators. 1953 saw the company creating the world’s first industrial diamonds. In the 1960s, they built nine out of twelve of Sweden’s nuclear power plants. Brown Boveri were a Swiss company. Formed in 1891 by Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown and Walter Boveri in Baden, they formerly worked at Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon. Brown’s and Boveri’s former employers were purchased in 1970. The company was synonymous with electric motors and power generators for the railway industry. In 1974, the acquisition of George Kent saw another offshoot formed - Brown Boveri Kent. They worked on the traction insulators for the West Coast Main Line’s Anglo-Scottish electrification program. At Total Control & Distribution, we stock a wide range of ABB switchgear products and transformers.