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8602.200 Mild Steel Plinth 200×1200 – Rittal

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8602.200 Mild Steel Plinth 200×1200 – Rittal

8602.200 Mild Steel Plinth 200×1200 – Rittal

  • Solid
To fit:
  • Enclosure type: TS
  • Enclosure type: SE
  • Enclosure type: CM
  • Enclosure type: TP
  • Enclosure type: PC
  • Enclosure type: IW
  • Enclosure type: TS IT
  • Width: = 1200 mm
  • Height: 200 mm
  • 11.36 kg
  • Base/plinth component consisting of one trim panel and two pre-configured corner pieces. In 200 mm high base/plinth components, one trim panel is divided into two for cable entry.
  • Base/plinth components: Sheet steel
  • Cover caps: Plastic
Surface finish:
  • Spray-finished
  • RAL 7022
  • Cover caps: RAL 7035
Supply includes:
  • 2 base/plinth components
  • 4 cover caps
  • Assembly parts
Packs of:
  • 2 pc(s).



Rittal UK Distributors of Enclosures

Rittal is one of the world’s leading providers of enclosures for use in power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure, and similar industries. Formed in 1961, they have flourished by offering customers a perfectly coordinated system platform. One that unites innovative productions, pioneering engineering solutions and global service to accommodate the most diverse requirements.

The company caters for a wide range of industries, the world over. This also includes machinery and plant engineering, automotive industries, and information technology. TCAD stock a variety of Rittal enclosures suited to their multitude of uses and conditions. We cover a wealth of heights, widths and depths, suitable for the simplest as well as the most complex of installations.