An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to IMO’s Drives

Why we know IMO: our look at IMO’s drives

imo-vxr-three-phase drives

IMO are a pioneering force in the field of AC drives. We at Total Control and Distribution stock a range of IMO drives. Their performance is second to none, which is why the company are a UK success story. Founded in 1972, IMO has grown to become an international player with seven offices around the world. They have made the first ever BT Type 47 Approved Relay, and the first ever compact AC inverter for motor speed control.

For the purpose of this post, we take a look at its drives. The AC drive controls the speed of its motor by changing the frequency of electricity supply. It converts the frequency of the network from 0 to 500Hz, or higher. IMO’s celebrated Jaguar drives are one example.

The Jaguar Cub is their smallest model range, yet they pack a real punch. Single phase and three phase inverters are available. Some include filters with bespoke options available. Another one of their AC inverters include the Jaguar VXR. Again with single phase and three phase versions, the VXR range are Single Rated CT and also come with filters.

Why use inverter drives?

Inverter drives convert one source, usually DC, into AC electricity. Solar panels have them, converting the DC electricity from the sun’s rays to our 220 – 240V AC system. If you buy a videogames console (or had a computer in the 1980s or 1990s), the power pack converts DC electricity from the device to the mains supply. Your smartphone charger works in a similar way, albeit on a smaller scale.

In high end and heavy duty applications, inverters are a most useful device. They ensure the safe operation of electrical supplies and maximum efficiency. Where would we be without them?

Total Control and Distribution, 02 March 2017.

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