Benefits of ABB Distribution Boards

Total Control And Distribution – Exclusive Supplier Of ABB Distribution Boards
In this article, you will find some of the many Benefits of ABB Distribution Boards on offer here at Total Control & Distribution.
Who are Total Control & Distribution?
Total Control And Distribution (TCAD) is a privately owned company based in England and specializes in electrical appliances. Our company is an exclusive distributor of a variety of products with ABB being our recent product. ABB distribution boards aim at the safety measures, dependability and accessibility of these electrical installations. The designing of our product is targeted to suit a variety of applications such as buildings, industries, installations in the sports and information sectors among others. Our main goal as a company is fulfilling the interests of our customers. This entails offering high-quality products, fair prices and prompt deliveries at the customer’s conveniences. We intend to target all kinds of clients ranging from large business organizations to individual customers for this product.

What are the Benefits of ABB distribution boards

Safety and reliability

Safety and protection measures are our main consideration during the installations since we mind the lives of our clients. We are also highly reliable in delivering our products on time. We consider the specifications of the orders and deliver the products in the right quantities, qualities and at the price as agreed with the customer.

Quick and easy installations

Our product is designed in such a way to allow quick changing of the gland plates in case there is a need to do so. Generally, all operations involved in the installations of our product are easy and consumes less time. In fact, any client with little knowledge about electrical applications can do the installations on their own. The front doors are also fitted using springs and hence they are easy to remove during maintenances.

Reversible door

ABB distribution boards are also equipped with an adjustable door that can be fitted from both sides. It can be reversed from the right-hand side to the left during its balancing. This ensures the user is not limited to fixing the door from only one side.

Wide range of connection choices

Our product is designed to accommodate a variety of electrical devices, circuit breakers, and isolators. This makes it easy for our customers to utilize the connectors that are just within their reach and saving money that could be used in buying other new connectors.

Our products designed to operate in all weather conditions without experiencing any complications a feature that increases the demand for our product. Our joy as a company is to ensure all the consumer needs are satisfied. Therefore, all interested customers may always feel free to contact us for quick deliveries.

These are just some of the Benefits of ABB distribution boards, contact us with any inquiries

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