Rayleigh Instruments UK

Rayleigh Instruments UK

Rayleigh Instruments UK were formed in 1964. Part of the Raytel Group, they are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of process control instrumentation. These include energy monitoring products such as current transformers, kWh meters, data loggers, communication interfaces, multifunction power monitors, and associated software.

We at Total Control and Distribution have been impressed by the quality of their products for several years and stock their multifunction meters. These come in DIN rail and panel mounted varieties. We also offer DIN rail timers.

Its parent company, the Raytel Group, was formed in 1980. They became a ‘central services’ and parent company for Rayleigh Instruments UK, and the then-recently formed Raytel Security Systems (formed in 1979). The Raytel Group promotes the activities of the two companies and provides continuity.

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