Where To Buy Wholesale Electrical Supplies

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Where To Buy Wholesale Electrical Supplies

Our new Customers always asked themselves Where To Buy Wholesale Electrical Supplies, They joined Total Control & Distribution and ask no more. Customers need to make sure that their electrical wholesale supplies are of the highest quality and the lowest prices. There are no exceptions for tradespeople working in a highly competitive industry with no room for overspending. However, buying electrical supplies form just any cheap wholesaler does not guarantee quality and service. We take pride in 8 solid years of consistent growth and thousands of hours in experience from our dedicated staff.

Here is some more information that will convince you to buy the best and leave the rest;

  • Independently owned specialist electrical wholesaler
  • Official franchise distributors for some of the biggest names in the industry.
  • In house department to assemble anything desired by customers.
  • Industrial Control and Hazardous Area Product specialists.
  • Agreements to make Certified Junction Boxes and Push button Stations.
  • Delivery service throughout all of the UK.
  • Technical support by phone and email
  • Offer technical support and delivery.

The weather conditions in the North East of the UK can be harsh and safety is paramount for those working with electricity. However, safety should not mean expensive. We aim to provide the highest safety at the lowest prices on some of the biggest electrical products on the market.

We are not interested in our competitor’s outlandish claims for dirt cheap prices. We know that TCAD provide the best products and services at the lowest prices for all our customers in the UK. If you think we can’t provide you with your needs, we aim to prove you wrong and will travel to most places in the UK for quotes on site. We can also meet a client in most parts of the North East. Just call us to arrange a meeting and we will arrange a suitable time and place.

TCAD electrical supplies


We will put in 100% effort for all out customer’s needs. If you haven’t already experienced good electrical wholesale supplies, then it is now time. We offer a money back guarantees and warranties on all our products. All of our products meet the highest testing requirements and specifications. We don’t believe in doing things twice unlike some of our competitors. We strive for perfection in everything that we do for customers all over the UK. Come on, give us a call or send us an email about your specific needs and we will work with you to provide the best.

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