Why Cable Trunking Matters in Home and Business Environments

A look at why cable trunking is an essential item for homes and businesses

Spring is almost upon us, and this time of the year is associated with daffodils blooming and the lambing season. It is also a popular time for doing some spring cleaning. As many electricians will concur, there is no more important way of keeping your wires tidy than cable trunking.

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Cable trunking, whether at ground level or along the skirting board, is used for the safe storage of wires. It saves you from tripping over wires and keeps them in tip-top condition. With cable trunking along the walls, it saves you from being strangled. Ultimately, it stops wires from getting frayed. This applies to telecommunications as well as the mains supply.

Depending on the application, we offer halogen free trunking. All of our trunking systems come in slotted panel form.

Where would you see cable trunking?

  • Inside computer desks and hideaways: this enables you to keep your cables in one place. Important if you wish to keep your peripherals in good order;
  • Inside server cabinets: to ensure the efficient operation of server space, this keeps mains and wired network cables in place;
  • Inside a PC base unit: cable trunking is used to keep in one place connections to a computer power supply or hard drive;
  • Across doorways: this protects the cables from fraying, caused by walking over them or from doors being opened and closed.

Where can you buy cable trunking?

You can buy trunking from any hardware store like B&Q, Screwfix or Wickes. Alternatively, you may prefer to buy yours online. This is by far is the easiest option, especially when you buy from us. With our competitive prices and professional service, you have found the right place.

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Total Control and Distribution, 28 January 2017.

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