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Bootlace Ferrules

( 40 products )
"Without ferrules, the termination point of our wiring systems could be haphazard and dangerous. Damp could get into each end and create a multitude of electrical problems. Connections could be inconsistent and fault-finding could be a pain in the proverbials. We at TCAD offer Partex cord end bootlace ferrules. These provide a neat end termination to tri-rated cable and multi-stranded wires. They are:
  • Available in both the French and German colour coding systems.
  • Also commonly known as bootlace ferrules, bootlace crimps or wire ferrules.
  • Available in packs of 100 or 1000 pieces as standard.
  • Manufactured from tin coated high conductivity copper with Polyamide 66 insulating sleeves.
  • Cord end ferrule crimp tooling is available from our ParTool hand tool range.
For further details about the Partex cord end ferrules we stock, why not give us a call on 01642 612662. Our knowledgeable staff shall answer your call as quickly as possible."

Partex CEF025F 0.25MM Bootlace Violet  X100
  • TCD Stock
  • 7 In Stock
Partex CEF025G 0.25MM Bootlace Light Blue  x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 13 In Stock
Partex CEF034F 0.34mm Bootlace Pink X100
  • TCD Stock
  • 1 In Stock
Partex CEF034G 0.34mm Bootlace Turquoise X100
  • TCD Stock
  • 3 In Stock
Partex CEF1012F 10.0MM Bootlace Brown x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 4 In Stock
Partex CEF1012G 10.0MM Bootlace Ivory x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 2 In Stock
Partex CEF108F 1.0MM Bootlace Red x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 90 In Stock
Partex CEF108G 1.0MM Bootlace Yellow x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 40 In Stock
Partex CEF1508F 1.5MM Bootlace Black x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 68 In Stock
Partex CEF1508G 1.5MM Bootlace Red  x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 65 In Stock
Partex CEF1518F 1.5MM Bootlace Black (18MM) x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 6 In Stock
Partex CEF1518G 1.5MM Bootlace Red (18MM) X100
  • TCD Stock
  • 10 In Stock
Partex CEF1612F 16.0MM Bootlace Ivory x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 4 In Stock
Partex CEF1612G 16.0mm Bootlace Green x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 4 In Stock
Partex CEF25016F 25.0mm Bootlace Black x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 1 In Stock

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