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Bootlace Ferrules French Colours

( 13 products )
SES Expandable Braided Cable Sleeving - A woven polyester sleeving. Braided cable insulation is a useful, convenient way of managing and protecting your cables.[read more="Click here to Read More" less="Read Less"] Expandable braided sleeving can be used to secure cables and minimise tangling or external damage. This type of braided sleeving also protects cables from breakage or cracking due to strain and movement stressors. Tangled and knotted cables are a not only a safety hazard due to the increased risk of tripping, they can also generate electromagnetic fields and heat. With braided cable insulation, cables remain tidy, organised and, most of all, safe.[/read]

Partex CEF025F 0.25MM Bootlace Violet  X100
  • TCD Stock
  • 14 In Stock
Partex CEF034F 0.34mm Bootlace Pink X100
  • TCD Stock
  • 8 In Stock
Partex CEF1012F 10.0MM Bootlace Brown x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 4 In Stock
Partex CEF108F 1.0MM Bootlace Red x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 54 In Stock
Partex CEF1508F 1.5MM Bootlace Black x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 91 In Stock
Partex CEF1612F 16.0MM Bootlace Ivory x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 4 In Stock
Partex CEF25016F 25.0mm Bootlace Black x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 2 In Stock
Partex CEF2508F 2.5mm Bootlace Grey x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 64 In Stock
Partex CEF35016F 35.0mm Bootlace Red x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 3 In Stock
Partex CEF409F 4.0mm Bootlace Orange x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 17 In Stock
Partex CEF508F 0.5mm Bootlace White x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 57 In Stock
Partex CEF612F 6.0mm Bootlace Green x100
  • TCD Stock
  • Out of Stock
Partex CEF7508F 0.75mm Bootlace Blue x100
  • TCD Stock
  • 27 In Stock

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