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12.7mm 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing

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Heat Shrink Tubing, Available colours: black, red, yellow, clear, green, blue, brown, grey and earth (green/yellow). Material: Flame retardant crosslinked Polyolefin. UL Approved. Shrink temperature 100°C Working temperature -55°C to +125°C Voltage 600V.

Partex HSMB127BK H/Shrink 12.7mm -6.4mm BLACK 8Mtr
  • TCD Stock
  • 4 In Stock
Partex HSMB127BL H/Shrink 12.7mm -6.4mm BLUE 8Mtr
  • TCD Stock
  • 5 In Stock
Partex HSMB127BR H/Shrink 12.7mm -6.4mm BROWN 8Mtr
  • TCD Stock
  • 2 In Stock
Partex HSMB127CL H/Shrink 12.7mm -6.4mm CLEAR 8Mtr
  • TCD Stock
  • 2 In Stock
Partex HSMB127GR H/Shrink 12.7mm -6.4mm GREY 8Mtr
  • TCD Stock
  • 2 In Stock
Partex HSMB127GY H/Shrink 12.7mm-6.4mm GRN/YEL8Mtr
  • TCD Stock
  • 3 In Stock
Partex HSMB127RD H/Shrink 12.7mm -6.4mm RED 8Mtr
  • TCD Stock
  • 1 In Stock

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