AE1058.500 | 1058.500 – H800 x W600 x D250 – Rittal

  • AE Compact enclosure
  • WHD: 600x800x250 mm
  • Sheet steel, with mounting plate
  • single-door, with two cam locks.
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Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions250 × 600 × 800 mm





Enclosure: Sheet steel
Door: Sheet steel, all-round foamed-in PU seal

Surface finish:

Enclosure and door: Dipcoat primed, powder-coated on the outside, textured paint
Mounting plate: Zinc-plated


RAL 7035

Protection category IP to IEC 60 529:

IP 66

Protection category NEMA:


IK Code:


Supply includes:

Enclosure with hinged door(s), of all-round solid construction
Gland plate(s) in enclosure base
Mounting plate
Lock: 3 mm double-bit

Basic material:

Sheet steel

Material thickness:

Enclosure: 1.5 mm
Door: 2 mm
Mounting plate: 3 mm

Mounting plate:

Width: 549 mm
Height: 770 mm

Number of doors:


Door hinged on the right, may be swapped to the left:


Lock version:


Number of locks:


Lock insert:

3 mm double-bit

Gland plate, size:


Gland plate, qty.:



33.6 kg



Customs tariff number:


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UK Distributors of Rittal Enclosures

Enclosures are necessary for a host of environments to protect components against exposure to contaminants and other elements. Rittal understands these requirements and has developed enclosure systems that respond to specific demands. Do you want a server rack to use in a data center for cable management?Then, you can find one from Rittal that suits your load capacity needs. If you are getting an enclosure to use in the food and beverage industry, the hygienic model is the most appropriate. At TCAD, we serve a diverse clientele and, therefore, stock all types of Rittal enclosures to satisfy their different needs.

Modern and Simple Construction

Rittal has designed its enclosures with simple styles that make installation an easy process. In most instances, you won't require tools to set up a distribution enclosure system. The design also offers great accessibility and enough room for airflow for the optimal performance of components.The manufacturer makes its enclosures from durable materials that can withstand tough conditions both indoors and outdoors. Stainless steel enclosures are popular choices due to their strength. Rittal also has products made from cast aluminum and polycarbonate that is reinforced with fiberglass.The mounting system varies with the enclosure. The wall-mounted option will have brackets that hold it securely to the wall while others fasten on the floor. Browse through our selection to see which products are available.

Safety Matters

Rittal enclosures are marked with category protections to indicate the level of punishment they can survive. The IP (Ingress Protection) identifies the dust penetration and water tightness of a product. Every enclosure undergoes testing to check its category protection to ensure dependable performance. We value safety and efficiency, which is why we only carry products from manufacturers with similar principles.If you need enclosures for special applications like petrochemical or want to protect network and server cables, TCAD has several options from Rittal that you can consider.[/read]
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