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MV5000P2S1 – 5kVA

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Multi-voltage continuous rated control circuit transformer.

High specification with IP20 touch proof terminals.

Class H varnish impregnation and core earth connection.

Ambient temperature range -10°C to +35°C.

Designed to EN 61558-1: Class F insulation

Weight 45 kg



Eastern Transformers & Equipment UK

ETE, or Eastern Transformers and Equipment in its full name form, was formed in 1984 in Bury St. Edmunds. Due to expansion, they relocated in 2004 to larger premises at Great Welnetham, just off Sudbury Road and three miles from Bury St. Edmunds. Since its establishment, they have become a leading manufacturer of transformers and wound components. They service the needs of control panel builders, machine builders, and automation and control system specialists all around the world. Some of its high quality products are available for sale on our site. With TCAD’s excellent customer service and ETE’s high quality design, you can be sure of a winning combination. ETE is an ISO 9001:2000 Approved company rated for The Design, Manufacture and Supply of Transformers, Inductors, Wound Components and Electrical Power Equipment.