SD1-30A-23, SD1-20A-23, SD1-16A-23, SD1-10A-23, SD1-7.5A-23, SD1-4.2A-23, SD1-2.5A-23, SD1-115A-43, SD1-60A-43, SD1-14A-43, SD1-92A-43, SD1-9.5A-43, SD1-75A-43, SD1-60A-43, SD1-5.5A-43, SD1-45A-43, SD1-4.2A-43, SD1-38A-43, SD1-32A-43, SD1-25A-43, SD1-215A-43, SD1-2.5A-43, SD1-180A-43, SD1-18.5A-43, SD1-150A-43, SDSD1-7.5A-21, SD1-4.2A-21, SD1-10A-21, SD1-2.5A-21

SD1-4.2A-23 – SD1 Series Inverter 0.75Kw, 3Phase, 220v, 4.2Amp IP20

£254.78 Ex VAT


SD1-4.2A-23 – SD1 Series Inverter 0.75Kw, 3Phase, 220v, 4.2Amp IP20

SD1-4.2A-23 – SD1 Series Inverter 0.75Kw, 3Phase, 220v, 4.2Amp IP20
Torque Vector Control
STO (safe torque off)
Up to 150% Starting Torque
Front Mounted RJ45 Socket (<2.2kW)
Din Rail Mountable (<2.2kW)
Fixed Keypad with Potentiometer (<2.2kW)
Detachable Keypad (≥4kW)
HDI Input (pulse)
1/2 Analogue Inputs
1/2 Analogue Outputs
2 C/O Output Relays
Transistor Output
4/5 Digital Inputs
PNP/NPN Selectable
In Built Modbus RTU / RS485
PID Control as standard
Internal DC Reactor (≥18.5kW)
DC Injection Braking
Internal Brake Chopper (<30kW)
Motor Auto-tune (static & dynamic)
Internal C3 Filter (≥4kW), C3 Filter Option (<2.2kW)
C1 & C2 Filter Options (entire range)
Safety Circuit (SIL2/SIL3 – model dependant)
CE, RoHS & Reach Compliant
UL / cUL / TUV Pending
2 Year Warranty



IMO Electrical Equipment

Founded in 1972, IMO has grown from its UK base to become a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial control and electronic components and systems. There’s no mistaking their innovative approach to industrial control, electronic components, and systems. Established in 1972, they have grown from being a British manufacturer to a global manufacturer. They has seven offices worldwide, including their London office and headquarters on 1000, North Circular Road. ‘Breaking barriers’ is the company’s raison d’etre. They have designed and manufactured the world’s first BT Type Approved relay, and the first ever compact AC inverter for motor speed control. With such credentials, their products have been trusted worldwide. We at Total Control and Distribution are proud to stock a wide range of IMO drives and other products. These include connection leads, inverters, switches, enclosures, and baseplates.
Weight 4 kg


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