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43x42BLUE – W=43mm x H=42mm – Blue Cable Trunking

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43x42BLUE – W=43mm x H=42mm – Blue Cable Trunking

43x42BLUE – W=43mm x H=42mm – Blue Cable Trunking.
Qty = 1 x 2 Meter Lengths.
Width 43mm x Height 42mm.
Slots 4mm – Webs 6mm.

Weight 10.02 kg



SES Sterling

SES-Sterling are a long-established company. Formed in 1920, they have been owned by the same family ever since. They have seven plants in eastern France and a network of associated companies in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and England. Their UK base is situated in Telford, Shropshire. The company specialises in cable marking, protection, and insulation equipment, cable glands, and fixations. We at TCAD sell a wide range of cable trunking and sleeving (in blue and black, and halogen-free forms). SES-Sterling’s range from Total Control and Distribution (TCAD) includes 50mm x 75mm Halogen free Trunking; 37.5mm x 75mm Black Cable Trunking; 43mm x 60mm Blue Cable Trunking, plus more similar products.