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How To Use Cable Trunking Effectively in Industrial Environments
12 Sep

How To Use Cable Trunking Effectively in Industrial Environments

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Sometimes referred to as cable trays, electrical trunking is often used to conceal wires within a work space (such as an office or a warehouse). The main intentions of these sections is to provide the cables with additional support while preventing access by unauthorised personnel. Installation of trunking does not necessarily have to represent a complicated process and yet, it should always be left to the professionals. How can these conduits be properly installed and what factors need to be taken into consideration so that safety is never an issue?

Concealment Concerns

There are times when electric cable trunking needs to be concealed from the outer environment. This is commonly seen within spaces that are frequented by the public or if specific hazards (such as excessive heat) could pose a concern. Trunking can therefore be hidden above a dropped ceiling or even within walls when needed. Certain types of thinner trunking may be placed beneath a carpet; commonplace when dealing with VLAN systems.

The Type of Materials Employed

Electrical cable trunks are available in a number of different materials. Each of these is associated with specific factors such as static load capacity and durability. PVC trunking systems can be used when issues such as conductivity, electromagnetic interference or conductivity might pose threats. Metallic trunking (such as galvanised steel) will offer more robust support; an important factor in the event that the weight of the cables comes into play.

Safe Installation Techniques

It is always wise to consult with the relevant electrical codes in order to determine regulations such as where the trunking can be placed and if it is prohibited within certain areas. Still, a few guidelines should always be followed. The trunking needs to be adhered to supports that will be able to handle its weight.

Depending upon the type of cables, the number of attachment points can vary. There are many situations which prevent the installation of electrical trunking near water pipes. Fire is also a very real concern and the addition of materials such as fire-retardant cable jackets or similar coatings might be required.

We can see from the information mentioned above that any type of electric cable trunking should only be installed by qualified and professional electrical firms. Total Control & Distribution is more than capable of providing tailor-made services in order to address your requirements. Please speak with one of our representatives if you would like to learn additional details.

A Buying Guide for Electrical Enclosures
13 Aug

A Buying Guide for Electrical Enclosures

Junction Box

Your Quick Buying Guide for Electrical Enclosures

Electrical enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, some units are specifically designed to protect internal components from environmental issues such as moisture and gases. This is why choosing the most appropriate type is critical if you hope to adhere to all local and national regulations. We will take a look at some variables that need to be taken into account when purchasing these enclosures. You will therefore have a rough outline of what specific style suits your purposes.

The Type of Mounting

Electrical enclosures can generally be broken down into three main mounting categories. They can be mounted on a wall, a ceiling or a floor. Of course, the exact configuration will depend upon the needs of the internal components (such as a breaker panel as opposed to a junction box). The type of mounting will also revolve around the application of the enclosure itself. For instance, a vehicle repair shop will likely require a different mounting configuration when compared to a junction box found close to a public pool.

The Environment

Electrical enclosures are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions. It is therefore important to address three concerns:

  • How much will the temperature and humidity fluctuate?
  • Are there any specific environmental conditions to address (such as a copious amount of rain)?
  • Will you require a hermetically sealed enclosure to prevent the entrance of potentially harmful gases?

Understanding these metrics will help you select the most appropriate make and model.

Performance Characteristics

The specific ratings of each enclosure is also critical to address. Keep in mind that these are nationally recognised standards and they must be adhered to in order to satisfy all electrical codes. Some units such as Gewiss enclosures are meant to offer superior levels of protection against waters and gases. Other configurations are instead designed to effectively deal with thermal management requirements (such as dissipating heat). If you are uncertain of the appropriate performance characteristics, it is best to speak with a trained professional.

The Material

Electrical enclosures are available in a wide range of materials. These are primarily based around conductive substances (aluminium and stainless steel) and non-conductive alternatives (plastics and fibreglass). Materials are also a concern in regards to the weight of the entire unit once all internal components are installed. There can be times when certain limits cannot be exceeded due to safety reasons, so be sure to take this variable into account. Some lightweight and yet extremely durable options include ABS plastic, polycarbonate, polyester plastic and fibreglass. These substances are also resistant to corrosion, so they will often be employed within harsh environments.

Choosing the correct electrical enclosure is an important step within any project. The good news is that TCAD provides a number of professional solutions. If you would like to learn more or to speak with a qualified representative, please contact us with the help of our online enquiry form. We will always be of assistance.

Benefits of ABB Distribution Boards
15 May

Benefits of ABB Distribution Boards

Benefits of ABB Distribution BoardsTotal Control And Distribution – Exclusive Supplier Of ABB Distribution Boards
In this article, you will find some of the many Benefits of ABB Distribution Boards on offer here at Total Control & Distribution.
Who are Total Control & Distribution?
Total Control And Distribution (TCAD) is a privately owned company based in England and specializes in electrical appliances. Our company is an exclusive distributor of a variety of products with ABB being our recent product. ABB distribution boards aim at the safety measures, dependability and accessibility of these electrical installations. The designing of our product is targeted to suit a variety of applications such as buildings, industries, installations in the sports and information sectors among others. Our main goal as a company is fulfilling the interests of our customers. This entails offering high-quality products, fair prices and prompt deliveries at the customer’s conveniences. We intend to target all kinds of clients ranging from large business organizations to individual customers for this product.

What are the Benefits of ABB distribution boards

Safety and reliability

Safety and protection measures are our main consideration during the installations since we mind the lives of our clients. We are also highly reliable in delivering our products on time. We consider the specifications of the orders and deliver the products in the right quantities, qualities and at the price as agreed with the customer.

Quick and easy installations

Our product is designed in such a way to allow quick changing of the gland plates in case there is a need to do so. Generally, all operations involved in the installations of our product are easy and consumes less time. In fact, any client with little knowledge about electrical applications can do the installations on their own. The front doors are also fitted using springs and hence they are easy to remove during maintenances.

Reversible door

ABB distribution boards are also equipped with an adjustable door that can be fitted from both sides. It can be reversed from the right-hand side to the left during its balancing. This ensures the user is not limited to fixing the door from only one side.

Wide range of connection choices

Our product is designed to accommodate a variety of electrical devices, circuit breakers, and isolators. This makes it easy for our customers to utilize the connectors that are just within their reach and saving money that could be used in buying other new connectors.

Our products designed to operate in all weather conditions without experiencing any complications a feature that increases the demand for our product. Our joy as a company is to ensure all the consumer needs are satisfied. Therefore, all interested customers may always feel free to contact us for quick deliveries.

These are just some of the Benefits of ABB distribution boards, contact us with any inquiries

The Evolution Of Gewiss Enclosures
17 Apr

The Evolution Of Gewiss Enclosures

Gewiss IP56 Junction Box Supplied by TCAD

The Evolution Of Gewiss Enclosures

The Evolution Of Gewiss Enclosures also named junction box is vital to any electrical wiring or installation process. These electrical gadgets which are important when you are protecting wires and exposure to any outside elements like water, dust among others that may interfere with delicate electronic wires.

In addition to this, the enclosures also ensure that a junction overload is almost negligible by effectively lowering the risk of electrical fires. These safety enclosures can be purchased from reliable stockiest such as Total Control & Distribution, UK.

The growth of Gewiss Enclosures

Over the years the enclosures have managed to develop hugely. Gewiss which is the manufacturer of these enclosures is a company that believes in development. The company managed to ensure that each invention tackles a step that the other one couldn’t solve.

However, Total Control & Distribution has managed to swiftly stock all the current enclosures that are on the market. Through constant research, Gewiss has managed to find out a lot in the market which has assisted the manufacturing company in coming up with a better version of enclosures.

Currently, that manufacturing company has more than 19,000 patents that are associated with it and five divisions of catalogs. Gewiss will continue to find better ways of developing the junction box and its future is filled with many innovative gadgets.

Types of Enclosures

The gewiss enclosures can be made of plastic, glass reinforced plastic or steel. The type of materials that makes the specific enclosure determines where it’s going to be placed. The plastic ones are good for indoors because they have good insulation properties and they blend perfectly with any kind of décor.

Steel or metal enclosures are perfect for harsh environments like warehouses, industries, and factories because they protect the wiring against the dust, water damage, chemicals and any other elements that might be present there.

Glass-reinforced enclosures are the most versatile ones and they can withstand very callous environments. They can also be installed practically everywhere including the ground and walls and they require very little maintenance.

The safety of the junction box cannot be underestimated as you can use it even after water damage and power loss without the risk of being electrocuted. Total Control & Distribution shares all these types of enclosures.

The various Sizes and colours

The sizes of the enclosures also vary, some of them are suitable for heavy-duty work like the big ones and others for small duty work. The junction box also comes in a variety of colors which Total Control &Distribution shares.

Moreover, the company is willing to meet the specifications you require for any kind of junction box. The enclosures are easy to use and access, they are specifically set up with screws that have a self-tapping nature.

That makes them easy to access and use especially if you want to make any modifications. The frontal part of the enclosures can easily be removed, you can access the wires and safely close when you are through.

Where To Buy Wholesale Electrical Supplies
14 Mar

Where To Buy Wholesale Electrical Supplies

Try the best and forget the rest – Total Control and Distribution (TCD)

wholesale electrical supply

Where To Buy Wholesale Electrical Supplies

Our new Customers always asked themselves Where To Buy Wholesale Electrical Supplies, They joined Total Control & Distribution and ask no more. Customers need to make sure that their electrical wholesale supplies are of the highest quality and the lowest prices. There are no exceptions for tradespeople working in a highly competitive industry with no room for overspending. However, buying electrical supplies form just any cheap wholesaler does not guarantee quality and service. We take pride in 8 solid years of consistent growth and thousands of hours in experience from our dedicated staff. Read more »

How Inverter Drives Work
09 Jan

How Inverter Drives Work

inverter drivesElectrical motors are everywhere in daily life, moving and running things behind the scenes, but most of the time we don’t give them a second thought. All these motors run on electricity and need to have an output that corresponds to the amount of energy coming in.

The speed of a motor should match the energy required for the task it is performing, if it doesn’t it will mean inefficiency and wasted energy. The way to control these motors and conserve energy is to use an inverter drive.

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The Importance of Electrical Supplies and Materials
02 Oct

The Importance of Electrical Supplies and Materials

Electrical Supplies & Materials

Electrical Supplies and Materials supplied by TCAD

Electrical materials such as electrical connectors and electrical conduit fittings are widespread in our daily life and form a major part of every household. They include everything ranging from AC and DC power supplies to electrical lighting fixtures, connectors, and wires. All equipment that is used in an electrical system is referred to as an electrical material. You can find dealers and manufacturers who have a variety of wholesale electrical supplies, to serve consumers looking for one source of their electrical equipment. Read more »

A Background on Gewiss Enclosures
27 Sep

A Background on Gewiss Enclosures

Junction Box

Gewiss Enclosure Provided by Total Control & Distribution

Safety, discreteness, and style are important when it comes to electrical wiring. The junction box that covers the wiring components needs to be up to standards; it needs to store away the wires safely, but it also needs to offer easy access whenever. With Gewiss Enclosures, you are guaranteed just that, and so much more.

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Unusual Sockets Special: Designer Sockets
31 Aug

Unusual Sockets Special: Designer Sockets

How designer sockets can add a touch of class

Designer sockets post image by Innershadows Photography (via Shutterstock).

The common and garden white UK 3-pin socket. Typical of many homes and offices across the United Kingdom. Image by Innershadows Photography (via Shutterstock).

Everywhere you go from Penzance to Kirkwall, the bog-standard British three-pin socket is made of white plastic. Sometimes, aluminium with a bit of white plastic around the pins. In some homes, hotels, and offices, common and garden sockets eschew white for brass or chrome. The former offers a classic Victorian feel, in spite of the fact very few places had electricity. Back then, the National Grid was a mere fantasy.

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