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ABB SP and N Distribution Boards ABB distribution boards are designed to be dependable, robust and safe for various electrical applications. One reason to get these distribution boards is their simplicity in installation. Their uncomplicated design means you don’t have to spend too much fitting them. The sheet steel enclosure on the board protects the connections. It is sturdy and can withstand harsh environmental conditions like extreme temperatures, making it suitable for hazardous areas. The enclosure is finished in RAL7035. They are rated IP 30, so you are assured of dust and moisture protection. At TCAD, we offer various options to customers who need distribution boards from ABB. The boards are appropriate for use in numerous settings, including airports, factories and construction sites. The SP and N distribution boards are available in different numbers of outgoing ways, so your specific use will determine what works. You have to consider other specifications as well such as the height, width, voltage and capacity. Our SP and N distribution boards are from 4 to 20-way. We supply the boards without incomers but you can order them separately. You can get busbar and multi-row boards with surface mounting. The earth and neutral bars are included in the distribution boards. For ABB distribution boards that offer safety, reliability and easy installation, contact us for quality products. Please Note: The delivery period for all products in this product range will be 2-3 Working Days from order placement.

Bottle Fuse D1 GL 10A 13.2X50 Diazed B214062M
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Bottle Fuse D1 GL 16A 13.2X50 Diazed J214575M
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Bottle Fuse D1 GL 20A 13.2X50 Diazed Q215087M
  • TCD Stock
  • 24 In Stock
Bottle Fuse D1 GL 25A 13.2X50 Diazed Q215593M
  • TCD Stock
  • 28 In Stock
Bottle Fuse D1 GL 2A 13.2X50 Diazed W212539M
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  • 30 In Stock
Bottle Fuse D1 GL 4A 13.2X50 Diazed G213055M
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Bottle Fuse D1 GL 6A 13.2X50 Diazed C213557M
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