GEWISS’ New LST Surge Protection Device

A look at the GEWISS LST surge protection device

Surge protection image by Nomad_Soul (via Shutterstock).
GEWISS’ new surge protection devices will make light work of containing power surges. Image by Nomad_Soul (via Shutterstock).

GEWISS, whose products we have the joy of stocking in the TCAD online shop have introduced a new surge protection device. The GEWISS LST surge protection devices are designed to prevent electrical appliances from being affected by lightning and similar surges.

There are three variants of the LST family: the GWD6407, the GWD6417, and the GWD6418. The first one sustains a maximum discharge current of 20kA. The other two surge protection devices have a maximum discharge current of 40kA. All three variants have a single P+N pole rated at 230 Volts AC. They are aimed at domestic and industrial markets.

For the home, they will protect your entertainment systems against power surges. Viewing will carry on as normal with GEWISS’ system. As for catching up on your favourite film and television programmes, or playing video games, no problem. In the office, they play a useful role in keeping your computer systems functioning.

We at Total Control and Distribution proudly sell their junction boxes. If there’s sufficient demand for GEWISS’ new addition in our shop, you will be the first to know.

Total Control and Distribution, 16 February 2017.

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