Should We Be Incandescent About Light Bulbs?

Or: Why did 30% of people in an opinion poll want incandescent light bulbs back on the shelves?

Light Bulbs image by A Master Photographer (via Shutterstock).
Light Bulbs image by A Master Photographer (via Shutterstock).

Was our nostalgia for incandescent light bulbs a contributory factor in last June’s EU referendum? That as well as the promises on the side of a red bus? We shan’t elaborate on the sociological factors; this is not our place. A YouGov Opinion Poll of 2,060 Leave voters gave us a snapshot of this last week.

The poll, conducted on the 21 and 22 February 2017, stated that over one in two of its cohort wanted the return of the death penalty. Of those surveyed, 30% wanted to see incandescent light bulbs back on the shelves.

Incandescent light bulbs, good though they are at giving off light have one problem: energy consumption. Today’s low energy bulb can emit the same amount of light as their incandescent varieties, though at a quarter of the wattage. In the long term, this also means lower electricity bills. What is there not to like about saving a few bob and the planet?

Plus you have LED lighting – another product area of ours via Tees LED – our sister website. Technically, there is no need for incandescent light bulbs (which is why the EU has banned them). Last month, it was announced that Zimbabwe is banning them. In recent designs, any concerns about mercury emissions have been assuaged with much reduced mercury content.

Some of us have other things to worry about besides the state of our bulbs. More important things like the vitality of our business. Or the colour of passport covers (yes, in the same survey, 52% wanted to see the return of navy blue passport covers).

And Finally…

What are your opinions on incandescent light bulbs? If you have any comments on the subject, feel free to air them on this website or on our Facebook page.

Total Control and Distribution, 06 April 2017.

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