Jaguar VXT-5A-1E


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VXT5A-1E + Filter 0.75kw 1PH200V 5Amp

VXT5A-1E + Filter 0.75kw 1PH200V 5Amp

Product Code: IMOVXT5A-1E


VXT5A-1E + Filter 0.75kw 1PH200V  5Amp
IMO Specification
IMO - Features Sensorless Dynamic Torque Vector
IMO - Features Quadruple Ratings for 400v/3Ph models (ND,HD,HND & HHD)
IMO - Features Motor Auto-tune for system optimization
IMO - Features 200 step PLC feature
IMO - Features Carrier Frequency up to 16Khz
IMO - Features Switch between 2 Motors
IMO - Features Optimum Energy Control
IMO - Features Sink/Source Logic
IMO - Features Inputs Inverse operation
IMO - Features 0-20/4-20mA Input
IMO - Features RS485/Modbus RTU/ CANopen as Standard
IMO - Features Integral RJ45 Socket for Coms/Keypad connectivity
IMO - Features Internal Brake Chopper to 22kW
IMO - Features DC Injection Braking
IMO - Features Safety circuit SIL3 with Safe Torque Off
IMO - Features Filtered/unfiltered Models
IMO - Features RoHS & CE compliant
IMO - Features UL/cUL Approvals

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