All You Need to Know About IMO Precision Controls

What we know about IMO and its precision components


In the great scheme of things, being in business for 45 years is quite a good innings. Especially as a lot of new businesses fail within their first year. IMO, based in London off the North Circular Road, have been going since 1972. Their customers include a variety of public and private sector operations, with the Royal Navy being its most notable contract to date.

IMO have been at the forefront of precision component design. They invented the first ever BT Type 47 Approved relay. This was followed by the invention of the first ever compact AC inverter for motor speed control. The company has seven offices around the world. As well as their head office in London, they have offices in Australia (Perth), Canada (Brampton), France (Saint-Maur-Des-Fosses), Italy (Firenze), South Africa (Cape Town), and the USA (Cumming).

Their products include industrial and PCB relays. Also solar isolators, and DIN and PCB terminals. We at Total Control and Distribution are proud to sell their Jaguar drives, and their DIN and PCB terminals. We offer a wide variety of the terminals including spring clamp, push fit, and screw clamp variants. Timers and circuit breakers are another product of theirs that we sell.

They also look after the little things too. For example, with circuit markers designed for easy identification. Without any of their products, a lot of electrical circuitry will be at a loose end. With 45 years of excellence, you can be sure of a high quality product by IMO. We know IMO ourselves will deliver the goods every time.

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Total Control and Distribution, 11 July 2017.

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