Now You Can Get LED Lighting for Rittal Enclosures

How the cost of LED lighting has permitted their use in Rittal enclosures

LED Lighting Rittal enclosures image by Story (via Shutterstock).
Affordable: recent changes to Rittal enclosures now allow for LED lighting systems, due to their economy and low operating voltages. Image by Story (via Shutterstock).

LED lighting has reached a low enough price point, where they have replaced standard light bulbs on street lighting. Today’s LED lighting has a brightness that equals halogen and sodium lights, whether as blue lighting or yellow lighting. With the above factors, they have become an attractive option for enclosures. As standard, Rittal enclosures now allow for their inclusion.

An LED lighting system in any enclosure is more the norm rather than the exception. Compared with filament or fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are a better choice for enclosures. The white light offered by LEDs make for improved vision, and one’s ability to get to certain components. Rittal enclosures, for instance, have integrated LED lighting into their enclosures.

As well as being inexpensive, there is no need for a torch, keeping your hands free. Lighting systems enable you to switch the light onto a given setting. Typically at two varieties of intensity with an automatic mode (once you open the enclosure door). A daisy chaining system is the typical layout of most LED lighting in Rittal enclosures. These have an array of eight to sixteen LEDs.

Setting the standard

LED lighting will become as standard as the filament bulb was in many households forty years ago. With their use in enclosures, leading battery companies should be quaking in their boots.

Total Control and Distribution, 20 June 2017.

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