IMO Drives

IMO drives are designed to provide varying amounts of power to machinery and in practice control or vary the speed of machinery. The benefit of an IMO drive is that it can be set to provide a certain amount of power to a device variable (assuming it is within the specifications of the drive). A variable drive can then be placed in a variety of situations depending on the needs of the user, and should the situation change or no longer be relevant the variable drive can be easily re-purposed for another job.

IMO drives have been specifically designed and developed to provide the smoothest acceleration control. Any user of a variable drive would then be able to improve their industrial procedures, improve quality control and save time at every stage of manufacture. The drives are also built with efficiency in mind. In a large majority of mechanical applications, copious amounts of electricity are wasted by running machines at 100% load. The variable speed provided by these drives can save large amounts of energy while keeping efficiency high as compared to fixed-speed modes of operation. Finally, all drives are built to last with only the highest level of quality.

Official Distributors for IMO Drives

TCAD are official distributors for IMO Drives, distributing products around the UK. Browse through our IMO Drive range from the categories below where you can order online. Alternatively, for any enquiries on our range of IMO Drives, please call +441642612662 or email

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