Jaguar VXR Inverter Drives

Jaguar VXR Inverter Drives range from 0.37kW to 15kW ratings, and they come in five body sizes in 200v series single and 3 -phase input, and 380v to 480v series 3- phase input units, and they all come with integrated braking. Through its first-class CPU processing ability, the VXR offers high speed and accuracy positioning allowing better regulation even with fast-changing loads.

Each Jaguar VXR Inverter Drive comes with a detachable keypad as a criterion. The additional LAN cable provides a remote display, and it can be encoded to display a maximum of 19 separate presentations. A discretionary LCD keypad with dual display backlit is also available providing a more prominent LED display for the preferred readout as well as definite text diagnosis and programming.

This display includes an entirely personalised menu to enable you to create the most receptive parameter listing for your personal use, selecting a few or as many settings as you want.

Similarly, at home on a challenging lift or other hoisting applications such as pumps and fans, VXR has a sequence of application collections making it easy to set up the appropriate control. For instance, brake control for indexing or lifting; 2 stage PID on winding applications with dancer input; multi-set point PID using sleep function. These are just some of the different jobs a VXR can handle.

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