Gewiss Enclosures

TCAD supply an extensive range of Gewiss enclosures for general electrical use. These practical junction boxes are simple to use and are cost-effective solutions when applying the finishing touches to all your electrical work. We provide these surface mounted enclosures in a range of sizes and highly competitive trade prices to suit each customer preference. Every enclosure is designed to ensure that installing and working on them is safer for the tradesperson. With all the products in this range including screwed lids, they are also the easier of this product type to use in general.
Ultimately, TCAD’s range of junction boxes ensure the highest levels of required protection against water and other liquids and gases, thus assuring public safety around them. Available in a variety of sizes, including the smaller 100x100x50 sized Gewiss enclosures, all the way through to the larger options such as 460x380x120, TCAD have all stock requirements covered.

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