Atex Zone 1 Plugs

These plugs and sockets are ATEX certified to use in zone 1 hazardous areas. When buying electrical components to be used in dangerous environments, you have to ensure that they meet the correct standards. This is depending on the existing threats.

ATEX zone classifications are meant to distinguish between the different settings. Zone 1 refers to an area where gases are likely to result in an explosive mixture during normal operations. Our Scame ATEX plugs can be used in many different settings. This is including factory floors where toxic gasses are present.


We have a broad selection of atex zone 1 plugs and sockets that meet different voltage, frequency, and current ratings. The specific applications will determine the most suitable product. Scame plugs have a watertight ingress protection rating of IP66, which guards them against moisture and dust penetration. The explosion-proof nature of the plugs increases safety in an industrial environment by reducing the risk of accidents and damage. Our products are reliable and will offer stable power distribution in dangerous areas. We carry durable and high-performance plugs to cater to a host of electrical uses. For switch sockets and plugs that provide safe electrical connections, browse through our Scame ATEX plugs. These are zone 1 certified. Get help finding the most suitable ones.

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