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All Panel Trunking Sizes Are Shown As Width x Height

We have a wide and varied range of control panel trunking available from stock. We have the ABB range of Standard Grey in both wide and narrow slot options. In addition to this, we hold stock of the SES Stirling ranges of Standard Blue, Low Smoke Blue, and Halogen Free Grey. All of our panel trunking is 2 Metres in length and all styles can be purchased in single length quantities and we can also cut to 2×1 Meter lengths on request if acceptable which can help to reduce the shipping costs.

Your wiring application will determine whether to get our plastic or metal trunking. This is dependent on the type of environment the trunking is going to be fitted. Whatever your choice, you are assured of durable products that will provide the necessary protection for a while to come.

We also supply electric cable trunking in a variety of colors including black, blue or grey. At TCAD, we have been providing panel building products for years and have come to anticipate the diverse needs of our customers.

Variety in Offerings

We also carry cable trunking in different sizes to cater to varied domestic and commercial requirements. Browse through our product range to see the size options that we have. If you have specific requirements for the trunking measurements, then you can contact us. TCAD gives you a choice between narrow and wide slots. You can get cable conduit in different colors, including blue, black and grey. If our application demands halogen-free trunking, we have the right products for you.


Keeping metal installations tidy and secure is critical whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial environment. In extreme conditions, the trunking is supposed to keep the wires, cables, and bundles in all installations safe. At TCAD, we carry robust and durable electric cable trunking that is designed to withstand harsh temperatures. We prioritize safety, and that is one reason to buy our products. When you need help picking the right trunking for certain tasks, our customer representatives are on standby to assist with the tough decisions. We provide our customers with warp proof, non-brittle and flame retardant trunking to ensure that installations receive the most comprehensive protection.

When you need superior quality panel trunking for industrial machinery wiring, telecommunication panels and computer wiring among other tasks, TCAD has affordable solutions available.

If you require any more information on our trunking products, get in touch today!

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