Rittal Participates in Open Compute Project

Rittal, a German manufacturer of server cabinets joins the Open Compute Project as a Gold Member

A Rittal Server Cabinet. Image by Akimov Igor (via Shutterstock).
A server cabinet, one of many by Rittal, perhaps. Image by Akimov Igor (via Shutterstock).

As well as cabling, control gear and cable trunking, we at Total Control and Distribution do a roaring trade in electrical enclosures. Many of which are for protecting electrical installations from the elements as well as personal safety. Some of which are for server racks, such as those manufactured by Rittal Ltd. This week, we have learned that Rittal have joined the Open Compute Project as a Gold Member.

The Open Compute Project is about rethinking the way we plan our server installations efficiently. The ‘open’ element of which is derived from the openness and collaborative nature of open source software development. Its roots lie in a 2009 Facebook project to create the most efficient server centre on the cosmos.

Two years later, Facebook shared their results with Rackspace, Intel, Goldman Sachs and Andy Bechtolsheim. From there they formed the Open Compute Project. Other members include Apple, Microsoft and Cisco Systems.

Rittal, whose server cabinets we sell in the TCAD online shop, will offer expert advice on server space management and contribute $50,000 for their Gold Membership. We think they will be a useful partner in the Open Compute Project. Other privileges include voting rights and possible nominations for project leadership roles.

Total Control and Distribution, 02 February 2017.

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