SD1-7.5A-21 - SD1 Micro Inverter 1.5Kw, 1Phase, 200v, 7.5Amp IP20


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SD1-7.5A-21 1.5KW 240V 1PH 7.5A Drive

SD1-7.5A-21 1.5KW 240V 1PH 7.5A Drive

Product Code: IMOSD1-7.5A-21


SD1-7.5A-21 1.5KW 240V 1PH 7.5A Drive
P/N: IMOSD1-7.5A-21
IMO Specification
IMO - Features Torque Vector Control
IMO - Features STO (Safe Torque Off)
IMO - Features Up to 150% Starting Torque
IMO - Features Front Mounted RJ45 Socket
IMO - Features Din Rail Mountable
IMO - Features HDI Input (Pulse)
IMO - Features 2 Analogue Inputs
IMO - Features 1/2 Analogue Outputs
IMO - Features 2 Output Relays
IMO - Features Transistor Output
IMO - Features 4/5 Digital Inputs
IMO - Features PNP/NPN Selectable
IMO - Protection Rating IP20

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