Spotlight on Scame: The Advanced GRP System

A look at one of Scame’s products in video form, The Advanced GRP System:

ScameYellowSocket, Advanced Grp System
Advanced Grp System

We at TCAD stock a wealth of products by well-known and highly regarded manufacturers. Sometimes a picture might not be enough to point out its finer details. The first of a semi regular series, we shall share a video clip of one of the products created by our suppliers. For example, Scame’s Advanced GRP Systems.

For today’s spotlight feature, we look at the Advanced GRP System by Scame. The Advanced GRP system works with switch interlocked socket outlets. Using GRP, they are fire resistant and heat resistant. They are also shatterproof. There are versions with interlocking mechanical switches.

We shan’t elaborate too much as this will spoil the enjoyment of the film for you. If you’ve got a spare ten minutes to view this clip, you could say the time was well spent. So, sit back, relax, and… enjoy.

Total Control and Distribution, 04 February 2017.

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