An Unusual Sockets Special: The Slimplug

A look the BS 1363 compliant Slimplug and its friends

In our previous look at unusual sockets through the ages, we look at a BS 1363 compliant plug with a difference. It uses a regular 3-pin wall socket, yet takes up less space than a common and garden plug. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the Slimplug.

The Slimplug works in the same way as your usual plugs. Where it differs is the fact you can move the pins. When out of use, you can let the pins lie down inside its casing. How neat is that? It is aimed at travellers who need to carry their laptop computer or other mobile devices. Therefore it takes up less space in your bag, backpack or suitcase. Here’s one in action, as seen in this clip:

Other folding plugs

The Slimplug is one of two makes of folding plugs that comply with BS 1363 standards. The other one to pass the test is the Thin Plug. The Thin Plug goes further: the earth pin can be lowered when the plug is out of use. In fact, it saves more space than the Slimplug, and it won a Red Dot award for excellence in industrial design.

As well as being the smallest BS 1363 compliant plug in the world, the Thin Plug also has variants for the US and mainland European socket systems.

Total Control and Distribution, 22 March 2017.

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